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Comfymat in the Press

Winner "Best Memory Foam Mattress In India 2016" Category

"ComfyMat's blend of memory and HR foam gives it the right ratio for comfort... an excellent pick"

"ComfyMat offers a huge difference in quality of sleep!"

"A good night's sleep in a healthy, hygienic environment"


Proper sleep can keep you healthy. That's one part. But there’s something else you need to keep in mind.

The lack of it can cause problems. Big problems. Not immediately. But over time. The effects can compound and literally wreak havoc on your life. One doesn't need to be a philosopher to figure that out. It's pretty obvious, isn't it?

That's why optimum sleep is a must. And if you aren’t getting it, you must consider changing one thing in your life. What is it? Let me explain.

Do you start feeling fatigued right during the day? Does drowsiness overpower you post lunch? Do you suddenly feel uninterested or dispassionate about your work?

Chances are you are sleep deprived. And chances are that if you don’t take corrective steps right away, things might go wrong.

So what do I mean by corrective steps? They have something to do with the one thing I mentioned. It is about your mattress.

Why Your Mattress Matters More Than You Think

Did you know that over 60% of your sleep troubles could be because of your mattress? Whether you have trouble falling asleep, or you wake up with an achy back, or you find yourself rolling over in the middle of the night struggling to get some sleep – your mattress could be the culprit.

These little factors, like I already said, compound over time and cause serious problems. These range from fatigue and loss of focus to hypertension and obesity.

It is said that the health of a family also depends on the kind of mattress it sleeps on. That’s why the best sleep is vital. Best and uninterrupted sleep – where you go to bed and don’t open your eyes till you wake up in the morning, totally rested. Doesn’t that sound invigorating already!

So if you have been experiencing the above-mentioned symptoms lately, despite taking precautionary measures, then it’s time you looked at your mattress.

Or best – ensuring you have a proper mattress prevents these symptoms altogether. A proper mattress that can give you the best sleep. A mattress that can literally save you thousands of rupees just because you chose to sleep better.

But, do we have such a mattress in the market? There sure is. But before I say anything about that, I need to tell you a story.

The Dissatisfied Customer

My name is Abhishek Jha. And I am the CEO of ComfyMat India. Well, this is what I am now. But a couple of years ago, things were a little different.

A normal person with a normal job. Born and raised in a normal family. Nothing spectacular. Except that I began to find myself tired and lethargic every morning as I woke up. It happened gradually. I could say it was mostly because of work stress and the hectic schedules. I rarely could manage to go to bed and wake up on time. It slowly started showing up in my work performance and general health. Fortunately, before things got worse, I happened to meet a doctor friend of mine who advised me to change my lifestyle.

That was when I first understood how sleep is one of the most underestimated requirements of the human body. How we take it for granted. How despite feeling fatigued and drained all day, we still don’t make efforts to get good sleep.

I started researching more on sleep and the effects its deficiency can bring. The more I studied the subject, the more I saw people who were similar to me. I studied various journals. Did a lot of research online. Talked to various sleep experts. The subject really intrigued me. Probably because it had a lot to do with me and the imbalance I had faced. And also with people from the families I saw all around me. Stuck in the rut of corporate ambition, people were even ready to sacrifice their sleep for the sake of money and reputation. And that was very sad.

That was when I also started to research more about mattresses, the basics of their production and what goes into their making. I wanted to know about the mattresses in India that had the ideal components for best sleep. Mattress companies that actually understood the sleep-deprived state of us Indians, and not just the potential market that could fetch them huge profits. And what did I find?

Not many.

I mean, can you believe that? There were not even a handful of mattress brands in India that catered to the actual need of the people – to give them the best sleep. That is all one needs! And the few that actually did speak of sleep, the prices were sky-high. I saw most other mattress companies talk about everything else apart from sleep. Some brands said they specialize in ortho and that they can help treat back pain; some others claimed their mattresses have multiple layers of foam and can make you feel like you are floating in the air.

Very few spoke about better sleep, if at all. And that baffled me. In fact, I went ahead and purchased four mattresses (every 3 months) from four top companies and used each for 3 months. Initially, each felt a little different, but within 3 months, they all started feeling the same – and that was uncomfortable.

That was when I understood how illiterate we were when it came to sleep and sleep products. And how most of the mattress companies take advantage of that. Moderate quality, but exorbitant prices - surprisingly, that is what we all fall for.

I thought, if it was getting hard for me to find a mattress in the market that specialized in better sleep, then why not I make one? And hence, ComfyMat was born – from the hunger of a dissatisfied customer.

Prices starting from Rs.17,299.00/-   Buy Comfymat
Or Call 040-39594009

The ComfyMat Mattress – India’s First Pro-Sleep Mattress With Memory Foam & Treated With Aloe Vera Gel

Not that other mattresses are anti-sleep. But sleep quality is what we are focused on. Because when that is taken care of, everything else falls in place. Want to know how? Keep reading.


Before I talk about ComfyMat mattress and how it is far better than any mattress in India, let me first take you through the basics of a mattress.

Mattresses can majorly be classified into three types – innerspring, foam, and bladder.

Innerspring mattresses, as the name suggests, have a spring core in the middle. These are basically hourglass or circular-shaped steel coils that form the core of the mattress. Innerspring mattresses also have an upholstery layer that forms the top and bottom parts of the mattress. These upholstery layers consist of an insulator (made of fiber or mesh), the middle upholstery and the quilt (made of PU foam).

Foam mattresses are the latest entrant in the Indian market. These don’t contain springs. Instead, they contain different weights and densities of different kinds of foams (like PU, memory, or latex foams). PU foam is basically polyurethane foam that is manufactured using petrochemicals. Memory foam is a temperature sensitive foam that conforms to the body shape according to the body temperature. And latex foam is usually a blend of natural latex from the rubber tree and synthetic latex (there are also natural latex foam mattresses that use only the natural latex derived from the rubber tree).

Bladder mattresses consist of air mattresses and waterbeds. These mattresses have chambers that either have air (in the case of air mattresses) or water (in the case of waterbeds) that provide support, just like springs or foams in other two types of mattresses.

ComfyMat is a foam mattress. But then, there are other foam mattresses too in the market, right? Then, how is ComfyMat different from all of them? What you will read next will answer exactly that – and put all your doubts to rest.

The Path-Breaking Science Behind ComfyMat

ComfyMat contains three layers of high-quality foam. The top layer is the memory foam, the second layer is the HR (high resiliency) foam, and the bottom or the support layer is the bonded foam. And each layer is equal in thickness (2 inches).

The memory foam used in the mattress is manufactured using the same technology that was used by NASA in the aircraft cushioning and crash protection systems. Way back in 1966, the memory foam was developed as part of a contract by NASA’s Ames Research Center for the safety of aircraft cushions. It was created by feeding gas into a polymer matrix. The foam has a solid structure that resembles open cells, which matches the pressure applied against it. This was what also was called the 1st generation memory foam. But it had certain issues – it was too brittle and broke down chemically within a couple of years.


Around in the 1980s, NASA released the memory foam into the public domain and a Swedish foam company started conducting experiments on it. And it was in 1991 that memory foam began finding its place in the mattress market (as the 2nd generation memory foam), slowly expanding across the world with the turn of the millennium.

The 2nd generation memory foam still had a downside – higher spring-back time and trapped heat in the mattress. It was in the year 2006 that the 3rd generation memory foam entered the picture. Originally developed and patented by Peterson Chemical Technology (an American manufacturer and distributor of foam additives), the gel memory foam, which consisted of gel particles fused with visco foam, helped reduce trapped heat in the mattresses and also reduced the spring-back time.

This 3rd generation memory foam is what is used in our ComfyMat mattresses. Yes, there are other mattress brands in India that use memory foam too – but wait, memory foam belonging to which generation? That’s something most of us never ask. Because we never knew before, did we?

The sole difference between memory foam and coir or metal springs is this – the lack of a uniform distribution of the material (like coir or metal springs) in the mattress causes your buttocks to sink farther than the rest of the body. This leaves parts of your spine unsupported, resulting in discomfort and other back issues over time. But in the case of memory foam, it’s a different scenario.

The only deal (and the best deal) with memory foam is that it gives way when you press it, and returns to the original position when you release it. This ensures there are no depressions or sags that most mattresses tend to develop. Memory foam, being temperature sensitive, very quickly molds to the contours of your body. So whichever position you are sleeping in, the memory foam provides total support to all the body parts, giving you a complete restful sleep.

But hold on – this is the case only with the 3rd generation memory foam, and not with that of any other generation. And like I said, yes, ComfyMat uses only the 3rd generation memory foam.

Some other mattress brands use memory foam from previous generations that tend to develop issues (like the build-up of body temperature in the mattress and slower spring-back) and cause discomfort.

Talking about the efficiency of memory foam, this is what some of the world-renowned sleep experts have to say -

“Memory foam in mattresses can improve sleep,given that it relieves painful pressure points.”
- Dr. Kathy R Gromer, MD, Sleep Specialist,
Minnesota Sleep Institute, Mineapolis
“When you lie on the memory foam, the heat from your body softens it in appropriate points. This helps to support your body along the curves and natural lines of your body.”
- Donna L Arand, PhD, Sleep Specialist,
and the Clinical Director of the Kettering Sleep Disorders Center, Ohio


The second layer of foam used in ComfyMat is the HR, or high resiliency foam. HR foam is the highest grade of PU (polyurethane) foam. The cell structure of the HR foam provides optimum elasticity and support. The foam also distributes the body pressure across the entire surface, thereby blocking the transfer of motion from one sleeper to another.

HR foam also plays a major role in prolonging the life of a mattress. The foam is made of high-quality chemicals that contribute to longer comfort life. ComfyMat uses high-quality HR foam, the kind of foam that is also used in most yachts and boats. And that’s not all…

HR foam also contains millions of microscopic channels, which are basically extremely thin networks of numerous pipes. These offer the perfect ventilation, further blocking the accumulation of heat in the mattress. This is one of the primary reasons ComfyMat has used a combination of memory and HR foam as the comfort and support layers respectively – to ensure there is absolutely no heat accumulation in the mattress, ultimately resulting in the best sleep you will ever have in your life. We have gone out of our way to provide you with the best. And this is something most top mattress brands aren’t willing to do.

The third foam layer ComfyMat uses is the bonded foam, which is basically a regenerated material. The foam is manufactured by a recompression process, where different kinds of PU foam chips are glued together under enormous pressure. Due to the regeneration process, the bonded foam can achieve extremely high densities, acting as a solid foundation for the entire mattress.

Unlike most mattresses, ComfyMat has used both the memory and HR foams as the comfort and support layers. The reason being - if both the comfort and support layers are made of memory foam, the mattress would get too soft and too expensive (which is something most mattress brands do to increase the price, but ultimately doesn’t serve the customer as needed). On the other hand, if both the layers are made of HR foam, the mattress would become too hard, causing constant discomfort.

Apart from these, there is something else that sets ComfyMat apart from the crowd. And that is ...

The Age-Old Greatness Of Aloe Vera Incorporated In Modern Mattresses


This is where ComfyMat has set a trend. This was one idea, which, back when I was delving into research trying to figure out what Indians want for better sleep, had given me the zest to march ahead.

The fabric of the quilt of the mattress is treated with Aloe Vera gel, which is replete with benefits. It gives the sleeper a relaxing feel and is beneficial to the skin as well. The aloe vera gel also has a cooling effect on the mattress and further prevents the memory foam from getting heated.

This is what we, at ComfyMat, have done – what other mattress brands don’t usually do. Because we want you to have the best sleep; the most comfortable and restful sleep. And we don’t hesitate to go to any extent to bring the best quality material and ingredients to give you just that.

With best sleep being the bottom-line, Comfymat can benefit you in other incredible ways as well.

1. With ComfyMat, You Will Have A Great Time With Your Partner:
The mattress comes with Foam Encased Wireless Edge technology, which provides superior support to the edges of the mattress. This can be helpful in case the couple wants to carry out amorous activities, as there would be superior edge-to-edge stability.

The memory foam of the mattress gives optimum comfort, given it is made using the revolutionary NASA technology. The foam is temperature sensitive, meaning it conforms to the contours of your body as and when you roll over it. Couples who want to have a good night's sleep can benefit much from this, as there wouldn't be any kind of disturbance during the night.

The HR foam of the mattress, as already discussed, distributes the body pressure across the entire surface, thereby blocking the transfer of motion from one sleeping partner to another. So in case your partner has the habit of rolling around a lot in bed, it doesn’t have to bother you anymore.

2. With ComfyMat, You Will Never Have Spinal Issues:
Beneath the soft layer of memory foam is the layer of HR foam that has medium firmness. This HR foam provides optimum support to your back. The high-quality memory foam of the mattress also aids in treating aches. Being temperature sensitive, it selectively displaces pressure along the length of your body. The pain points of your body usually have a higher temperature than the rest of your body. The memory foam conforms to these areas, thereby providing ultimate rest and relieving pain.

3. Your ComfyMat Mattress Would Last Long, Very Long:
The durability of the mattress depends on the quality of the memory foam, and the strength of the supporting layer (in this case, the HR foam). The supreme quality of the memory foam, along with the HR foam that provides optimal support to the comfort layer, prevents the mattress from sagging. And what else? The mattress is water resistant as well.

And The Pricing Comparisons Will Baffle You

Memory foam is comparatively a new entrant in the Indian market. And like I said, most mattress brands take advantage of people’s innocence and resort to outright deception.

In simple words, you are being cheated by the big guys.

For example, let's take the ComfyMat King size mattress. It is priced at Rs. 18,946. The price is very low compared to other Indian mattress giants. But the quality is, like you have already seen, top-notch. Why then, you would ask, is our mattress priced so low when the quality is far better than every other Indian mattress brand? Yes, I will answer that.

But you need to see this first ...

Buy Comfymat


Prices starting from Rs.17,299.00/-   Buy Comfymat
Or Call 040-39594009


You never see any Indian mattress brand specifying the type of memory foam they use. It’s just memory foam, and unless it comes from the 3rd generation category, one can’t rely on the quality.

Yes – there are mattress brands that are of high quality. I am not denying that. But how many of those solely focus on better sleep? And how many of them are reasonably priced? Ah yes...

..Coming back to the price question, why is our mattress so low in price when we beat the rest in quality? Because we don’t have inventory costs. We sell this mattress online only, and not through any retail stores. Hence, the money we otherwise would end up giving to the retailers is saved. That helps us save a lot of money, which in turn saves you money as well. We, in fact, sell directly to the customers – and this is what enables us to give such a high-quality product at such a low cost.

comfymatBe wary of unfair markups

You wouldn’t want to exchange your hard-earned money with something that doesn’t even amount to half its worth, do you? And neither do we.

Most other mattress brands out there are typically marked up 6 to 12 times by the time they are sold to customers. Which means, instead of quality and comfort, you would be paying for marketing gimmicks, deceiving retail markups, and other internal commissions and profits.

These alone are not what make ComfyMat the people’s mattress. There are other achievements too…



ComfyMat is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. ISO9001 is an internationally recognized quality management system, and certifies those companies that are consistently meeting customers' requirements.


ComfyMat is a CRISIL VERIFIED company. A CRISIL VERIFIED ID affirms that a company's credentials have been verified and validated.


ComfyMat is also a member of the ISPF (India Sleep Products Federation) and the Andhra Chamber of Commerce. ISPF is a prestigious organization that is focused on addressing the issues and challenges faced in the Sleep Products Industry, which ComfyMat is a part of.


Even before I had decided to release ComfyMat into the large-scale market, I wanted to check the response. Of course, I was supremely confident that the mattress would work, because it caters to the most important need any human being can have – sleep. But I thought I could first make a trial run amongst a small group of customers and get their honest feedback, depending on which I could further improve my product and release them on a wide-scale.

I tied up with a few local dealers and the mattress went for a limited-period sale. And these were some of the responses I got –

“I purchased a 10” memory foam mattress from Comfymat. It is a very good mattress as the surface is comfortable – not too soft or not too hard. Their service is great – the service people had brought the mattress and installed it in no time. Great product.”
- Arun Kumar (Rating – 4/5)

“I personally feel Comfymat mattress is the best buy for anyone who needs a mattress. The mattress comes treated with aloe vera gel and is very good. I am a doctor myself and I can say that the mattress, from my observation, can be really good for the spine.”
- Dr. Meera Arora (Rating - 4/5)

“I purchased a ComfyMat mattress and I must say the feel of the mattress is awesome. This is because it so easily takes your body shape. I like it and have suggested it to some of my friends also. The installation of the product is totally taken care of the company itself. Very simple. Hassle-free ordering.”
- Asif (Rating - 5/5)

“ComfyMat is an amazing mattress. Recently, I was travelling to Hyderabad and stayed at one of my friend’s place for the night. I slept for 7 long hours, and in the morning I asked my friend about the mattress. He said it was ComfyMat. The design was good – the mattress was soft and highly comfortable. I can say it’s a very good deal for the price. And installation of the mattress is pretty simple.”
- Syed Ali (Rating - 5/5)

The 100 Nights Guarantee – A Guarantee You Would Have Never Heard Of


There is no point being in business if you can’t make your customers happy. This was something I had always believed in. We had gone to great lengths by doing tons of research, procuring the best quality material, and even ensuring the costs are low and affordable without compromising on quality.

We had done all this just for you. And we wanted to do something more. We know how important your money is to you. We understand that. And if you don’t get your money’s worth, that would be as painful to us as it would be to you.

Hence the 100 nights guarantee. Buy the mattress, use it upto 100 nights, and if you aren’t comfortable or are dissatisfied with the quality, you can return the product and get 100% of your money back.

No conditions applied. No questions asked.

If you aren't absolutely satisfied, return your product within 100 nights for a prompt and courteous refund.

To top it off, the ComfyMat mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty. Any kind of accidental damage would be repaired free of charge.

If You Can Touch And Feel Your Mattress Before Buying It...

Well, if the size is what you want to check – then the ComfyMat mattress comes in 20 different sizes! Just to give you an idea, we have compiled the most common mattress sizes and their respective dimensions.

Mattress size type Dimensions
King size 78 x 72 inches
Queen size 78 x 60 inches
Double bed 75 x 60 inches
Single bed 75 x 36 inches

You can also scroll down to check the size drop down beside the button – it will give you the mattress size you want and the respective price.

That's about the price - but in case you want to feel the material and check how comfortable it can be for you, it wouldn’t be possible in one single day. That’s the reason we are giving you the 100 nights guarantee. Here you would get a chance to not just touch and feel your mattress, but also to use it. For 100 days! And the mattress is half the market price. So you have nothing to lose!

Own Your ComfyMat In Easy Monthly Installments (EMI)

ComfyMat offers superb sleep at a minimum investment. To simplify the process even further, avail the Easy Monthly Payments option upto 18 months in the "payment method" page when you check out. ComfyMat - sound sleep that's easy on the wallet.

Currently, we offer EMI on Axis Bank Debit and Credit Cards, ICICI Debit and Credit Cards, HSBC Credit Cards, Kotak Credit Cards, IndusInd Credit Card and Standard Chartered Credit Cards.

You can also avail EMI on HDFC credit cards by selecting RazorPay during checkout.

EMI support for all major banks will be available shortly. Until then, don’t fret if your particular bank isn’t covered. Orders placed on any and all credit cards can be converted to EMI by placing the order and speaking to the bank to convert the amount to EMI.

You can also scroll down to check the size drop down beside the button – it will give you the mattress size you want and the respective price.

That's about the price - but in case you want to feel the material and check how comfortable it can be for you, it wouldn’t be possible in one single day. That’s the reason we are giving you the 100 nights guarantee. Here you would get a chance to not just touch and feel your mattress, but also to use it. For 100 days! And the mattress is half the market price. So you have nothing to lose!

 Here is what will happen once you purchase the mattress –

  1. As soon as you place your order in our store, you will also get an email alert on your registered email address.
  2. Your ComfyMat mattress will be properly packaged and shipped by our logistics partner, who will contact you before making the delivery. The product will be shipped to you in 15 business days.
  3. We service to all the major cities and pincodes in India.
  4. Once the mattress is delivered to your home (zero delivery charges, by the way), it’s pretty easy to install. You just have to remove the packaging and put it on your bed. As simple as that!

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With every ComfyMat purchase, you get:

FREE ComfyMat Triple Layer Anti-bacterial Mattress Protector Worth Rs. 2000/-

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FREE Premium ComfyMat Light-Weight Pillows Worth Rs. 1000/-

Set of 2 super-light premium pillows (750 gms each) for Double/King/Queen size mattress. 100% waterproof & machine-washable. Made with the finest grade polyester fibre for added comfort and neck support!

Note: Single/Diwan size mattresses will receive 1 pillow.

FREE Shipping On All Orders Anywhere In India! (Worth Rs. 2000/-)

Get your brand new ComfyMat mattress delivered to your home, completely free of charge!

Note: Mattress and free items may be shipped separately. In case your mattress arrives without freebies, know that bean bag, protector and pillows are on the way!

ComfyMat BonusesRegular PriceYou Pay
ComfyMat Mattress ProtectorRs. 2000/-Rs. 0/-
Shipping ChargesRs. 2000/-Rs. 0/-
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Note: All Comfymat Orders Will Be Dispatched Within 7 Days From The Date Of Purchase

Comfymat Reviews


Is the mattress durable?

Foam mattresses, by definition are much more durable than coir and innerspring mattresses due to their chemical structure. Within that, the 3rd gen memory foam, HR foam and bonded foam used in the construction of ComfyMat is of the highest quality - a very durable and long lasting product that delivery sustained performance.

What is the cost of delivery?

Zero. We are offering FREE delivery across India.

How long will delivery take?

Every ComfyMat is prepared as per your required specifications at our Hyderabad plant. Thus, please allow 3 working days for dispatch, and up to 14 working days for delivery, depending on where you are in India.

Can I request a custom size and thickness for my ComfyMat mattress? (or) Is ComfyMat available in XYZ size?

Yes, please get in touch with us at 040-39594009 or at with your required specifications, and we’ll help you get your desired mattress.

I’m not sure what size I need/should get? Can you help me?

Yes, get in touch with us at 040-39594009 or at and we;ll be happy to help.

My invoice doesn’t show any free items, but your website said I would get them.

We occasionally run offers for ComfyMat, if you place the order within the limited time frame, be assured you will also receive the free items!

What if the mattress gets damaged in transit? Then what? Will I be liable?

Our logistics team takes every care to ensure that your ComfyMat reaches you in the condition it left the factory in - brand new. If however, in the unlikely event that you notice any wear on the mattress, simply send it back at the time of delivery - or avail our 100 nights guarantee, and we’ll refund your money.

Who will pay for the cost of return?

ComfyMat will bear all of the costs.

Do you deliver all over India?

Yes we deliver to any location within India.


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