Did You Know Sleep Deprivation Is A Form Of Illegal Torture?



Dear Reader,

The Geneva Convention, a treaty signed after the bloodiest and most devastating war in all of history — World War 2 — put into practice certain “rules of war”… Yes, men had been so evil to each other, that the whole world came together and decided that even in the practice of shooting, bombing, starving, and gassing each other… there would have to be rules.

Article 32 of this “rules of war” defines sleep deprivation — i.e., not getting enough sleep or getting poor quality sleep — as an illegal torture method causing “severe and prolonged mental anguish that results in physical as well as psychological breakdown.

It is important to remember that sleep deprivation, in this historic document, stands among other cruel and inhuman acts such as savage beatings, torture, electric shock, and starvation.

So why am I telling you this?

Because, even though sleep deprivation is an illegal torture method outlawed by the Geneva Convention and the International Courts, YOU DO IT TO YOURSELF ON A DAILY BASIS ANYWAY!

And the result?

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"A good night's sleep in a healthy, hygienic environment"

You Are Chopping Off Your Own Wings… With A Rusty Knife.

And it’s happening slowly and painfully.

Your lack of sleep means grey hair sooner, dark circles, bags under your eyes, and wrinkles on your face…

But that’s not even the most important part, even if your job depends on you looking good.

Because what you're really missing out on is the vitality, energy and scope of success that only, and be sure of this, only sleep can bring.

How? Ask yourself:

To guarantee success in life’s endeavours, in business and pleasure, in relationships and romance… what is required?

Good looks? But then, do all successful people have it?

Is it talent, then?

The most common sight in the world is a man or woman who has wasted their talent…

So it must be money!

Then why do we hear stories of poor farmer’s children cracking the IAS? Or a certain security guard who’s acting talent has been discovered, and justly rewarded, by none other than Bollywood. Or. Or. Or...

These people had nothing “special” in their lives, but a vision, a cause, and a goal. Or as wise men have repeated throughout history… nothing is impossible if you have:

Hard work, discipline and a resolute, positive attitude…

So… what has that got to do with sleep?

Trying To Achieve A Goal When You’re Not Well Rested Is Like Trying To Climb Mt. Everest... On A Cycle.

But actually, it’s even worse. Because in that previous scenario, you would soon realize the error of your ways and develop a better plan. With poor sleep, you still - through sheer force of will, responsibility and work ethic - make it to office, or your shop, or to class or to whatever it is you're doing… every day

But you’re never fully there. You’re tired, mentally and physically, there’s a pain in your back and legs when you wake up, and a weariness in your mind when you’re navigating the traffic on your way back.

It’s so simple, but so hard to notice at first.

Turn your mind to your day to day life. The weather itself isn’t something predictable, let alone epidemics of swine-flu, cab drivers strikes, or the swift and sudden demonetization that switched up our lives for a good few months…

Remaining positive in such a case when you’re sleep deprived… do you think it is possible? Do you think it should even be a consideration?

How many times have you considered leaving your job, only to find that updating your CV, applying for jobs, going into meetings, waiting for call-backs and the general uncertainty and stress is just not something you can do right now. Even though that’s exactly what you did to get your current job in the first place!

What about that business idea you’ve been thinking about for so long now? Or the plans to relocate... or that hobby you meant to pursue, or that thing you’ve always wanted to do on the side… If only you had the energy for it...

Do you think you’re going to make sound, timely and well-judged long term decisions that are certain to have a positive impact on your and your family’s life... when you’re tired, mentally and physically?

The list here, too, is endless.

Not Sleeping Enough v/s Not Sleeping Well Enough

You’re lying awake in bed. The glow from your phone tells you it’s 4 in the morning… Unfortunately, also the morning of an important appointment you have to keep. Yawns leave your mouth uncontrollably, your eyes are heavy with exhaustion, and your limbs are sore from the day’s activities…

And yet, as you toss and turn, twisting and moving your body, feeling uncomfortably hot and restless… you just cannot sleep. The beautiful allure of closing your eyes and drifting off into a dreamworld, that blissful space of ultimate rest & relaxation escapes you... even though it’s the only thing you want.

Your body waits for your eyes to close, for sleep to take over... so it can begin the process of replenishing its energy reserves... recharging its billions of little cells, clearing the toxins from your liver, and relieving the heaviness of your legs and the pain in your back… but it’s just not happening.

You panic. You reset alarms. You think of excuses. Your tired brain, desperately needing rest, tries its best to think of a way to explain or to make up for this. “I’ll stay late at work” you think, scrambling to reschedule appointments and calculate travel times… “Two cups of strong coffee and I’ll be fine…”

The issue here is clearly a lack of sleep — the quantity simply isn’t enough.

Or is it?

Because the situation as described above is likely to happen even when we get into bed early knowing we will need a good night’s rest for the big test or the important meeting….

This difference is critical to understanding your sleep and knowing how it’s holding you back, and more importantly, how sleeping well can help you calmly and clearly destroy all those obstacles between you and your goals.

Often, when we do fall asleep, it is patchy and light, instead of deep and relaxing. We keep opening our eyes to check the time… time we spend tossing and turning trying to get that perfect, dreamy sleep.

And while getting into bed earlier can sometimes rectify the quantity of sleep, it can never guarantee quality of sleep — no matter when you fall asleep or for how long.

Additionally, research conducted at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, found that a lack of sleep results in sadness, panic and emotional instability, which itself leads to anxiety and depression — two chronic, debilitating and long-term symptoms.

It is important to note here that: It’s not the anxiety keeping you up at night, it’s the other way around.

On the other hand, a good night’s sleep rejuvenates, replenishes and unwinds the body, making you ready to take on a new day all guns blazing. Every single day.

But what finally determines how well you sleep? The answer, surprisingly, is quite simple.

Your Mattress.

I’ll tell you why, but first...

...I’m willing to bet that the mattresses in YOUR house were bought by:

  1. Going into a mattress or furniture shop.
  2. Pressing down on 3 mattresses.
  3. Listening to the salesman’s unscientific opinion about which mattress is good. “Sleeping” on it for 3 minutes before getting embarrassed… and,
  4. Buying the one that “feels” the best, or even more likely, the cheapest “good quality” mattress.

In fact, I’m willing to wager that you spend much more time before buying something like a smartphone or a fancy jacket… things that only marginally affect your life.

Whereas a mattress – an essential to your life – directly affects, every day, the productivity of your work and the quality of your relationships… got the above treatment.

Any mattress bought in a hasty and unscientific manner is a poor investment for your sleep, your health and your future. (Not to mention your family, the old and the young among them for whom a good night’s sleep is even more essential…)

Here’s Why:

  1. The mattress that you bring home from the shop is a rubberised coir or spring mattress, which does absolutely nothing to aid your sleep, and much to hinder it.
  2. Even in the odd chance that you come across a good quality mattress that would actually be good for your back, spine, hips and the overall quality of sleep, it was so eye-wateringly expensive that you ended up with a cheap option instead… which is a coir or spring mattress (but mostly coir).

The Problem With Spring, Coir, Hybrid & Mass Market Mattresses…

…is that very soon you will notice:

These are just a few of the aggravations and hassles that await the mattress buyer. Sooner or later - whether the mattress is “premium” or an inexpensive layer of steel springs (or coir) between your bed and your back - all these issues, invariably and unfailingly, will happen.

And all of these factors (individually) are devastating to the quality of your sleep. And you're likely to experience 90% of them with a standard mattress...

...Even though you paid an absolutely unworthy average markup of 7x (yes, seven times) for it — for things like showroom rent, salesman commissions, wholesaler and retailer markups, and marketing and branding campaignsbut nothing that actually has any positive effect on your sleep.

Coir and spring mattresses aren’t expensive to make… and the cost is nowhere close to the price you pay on purchase…

And as we already said (but bears repeating)… they will fall apart on you.

But if you still stick with that misshaped and disfigured mattress that is a breeding ground for bacteria… We completely understand.

Because what choice do you have?

Often, in the sensible price range that YOU budget in, the choice seems as simplistic as choosing between two brands of soft drinks.

And the result is no different… Just Brand X v/s Brand Y.

That both give you the same tired coir and springs…

That are no good for your back… And no good for your sleep.

Seems a shame that you have to put up with substandard products, especially when they concern 1/3rd of your life…

So let’s do something about it.

Say Hello To ComfyMat.

(comfymat image)

caption: Come, Sleep In The Lap Of Luxury.

Our answer to the question of sleep is a proper game changer...

And we call it ComfyMat. Why? Becasue it is one of the most comfortable mattresses ever engineered for sleep quality, durability, support and above all, pure sleeping pleasure.

In fact, we simply can’t put into words the sheer, consistent performance of this sleeper… That’s for you to sleep on and find out.

Here’s why:

The Science Behind The Sleep

(ComfyMat 3 layers graphic)

The layers are specifically chosen and ordered for their unmatched performance, bearing in mind your sleep. Breaking them down, you can see:

3rd Gen Memory Foam gets its name from its unique ability to adapt to the contours of your body. The tech itself is an improvement of a NASA technology.

NASA invented memory foam for the optimum comfort of the astronauts who needed a revolutionary cushioning system that was ultra comfortable and ultra supportive — for the rigorous experience of a space shuttle reaching 11,186 km/s (that’s kilometres per second) to escape Earth’s gravity.

The memory foam technology enabled the astronauts to undertake the journey — they would go to the moon and back, one of the greatest achievements in human history — and to do it without breaking a sweat (or their backs).

Since NASA released memory foam into the public domain, the technology has been improved in many ways, and its latest and 3rd iteration - the 3rd Gen memory foam - is the absolute best memory foam in the market, making it an incredibly comfortable, scientifically proven sleeping surface.

Just how good is memory foam?

Apart from NASA’s experts, several sleep science experts have also weighed in:

Dr. Kathy R. Gromer, a sleep specialist at the Minnesota Sleep Institute in Minneapolis, USA says:

“Memory foam mattresses improve sleep, relieving painful pressure points at the hips and other joints…”

Another researcher, Dr. Donna L. Arand, a sleep specialist and clinical director at Kettering Sleep Disorders Centre in Ohio, USA, says:

“When you lie on the memory foam, the heat from your body softens it in appropriate points, helping to support your body along its curves and natural lines…”

One of those key contours that 3rd Gen memory foam supports very well is a rather important one. It’s your spine.

(spinal image)

We could go on but here’s the gist: 3rd Gen Memory foam mattresses are pretty much the best you can buy. They’re cooling, comfortable, sturdy, support your spine, don’t shift or creak with movement, retain their shape, relax the muscles through correct cushioning, and support the weight distribution of the body evenly throughout.

Indeed, sleeping on a memory foam mattress only gets better with each night.

The second layer of ComfyMat is HR Foam — high resiliency foam — that’s there for its excellent weight management, durability, and load distribution — making it an ideal sleeper to be shared by a couple (and their dog).

HR foam also has microscopic ventilation channels as a result of its structure. So the heat absorbed by the memory foam (to adapt to and support your body) is relieved through the HR foam — ensuring a refreshingly cool surface to sleep on.

And finally, ComfyMat’s base layer is comprised of Bonded Foam, which is PU (polyurethane) foam chips glued together under high pressure to form a solid base. The highly dense nature of Bonded Foam ensures your mattress and yourself are comfortably supported no matter what the reading is on the weight scales.

More things you should know about ComfyMat’s R&D:

But wait…! We’ve saved the best for last!

We Did The Math For You.

We’re very proud of our product, and we want you to get its incredible benefits… and we want you to get good value… That’s why we ship the mattress directly to you.

Doing so helps us avoid retail outlets, and all of the associated overheads that take a big bite out of your paycheck, such as:

You pay for none of that.

Thus, we are offering a superior quality mattress at the same price or lower than a traditional mass market sleeper.

It’s that simple.


Even if you can’t sleep on a retailer’s mattress... even though you simply touch it and sit on it for a few short minutes... and even if those few minutes can tell you nothing about the quality of sleep on that mattress the very first night, let alone months and years after the purchase…

...at least you can see it for yourself, right?

Our 100 Nights, Free Returns Guarantee — Try It At Our Cost!

As soon as you lie down on your brand new ComfyMat, you immediately notice the sheer luxury of the 3rd Generation memory foam as your muscles free themselves of tightness and tension… You realize the sheer joy that awaits you at bedtime, naptime or just lounging around on the bed!

We know that as soon as you lay down on your ComfyMat, it’s going to open up a new world for you.

And we can’t wait for you to try it.

That’s why we’re giving you 100 nights to test the mattress and experience everything it has to offer. Not a week. Not 30 days. Not 3 months.

You get 100 days.

And in the very slim chance that our carefully crafted mattress is not to your taste...

In the improbable event that you do not find ComfyMat’s seamless surface and smooth edges extremely conducive to the best sleep you’ve had since you can remember…

If you're at all unhappy with your new sleeper, in any which way… we’ll send someone to pick up the mattress, and give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

And finally…

A Word On Our Warrantee — All 10 Years Of It!

ComfyMat’s construction uses American standards and licensed technology for the advanced polymers in it’s construction — You’ll never have to think twice about the quality of the mattress.

Besides that, every ComfyMat mattress comes with a 10 year warrantee. If at any time you experience any trouble with your mattress, please get in touch with us and our technician will be happy to render on-site assistance. Remember, you have our support. Our credentials include:



ISO 9001:2008 Certification
ComfyMat is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. ISO 9001 is a prestigious & internationally recognized quality management system. It certifies companies that have customer satisfaction at the highest priority.


Crisil Verification
ComfyMat is a CRISIL VERIFIED company. CRISIL is a global analytical company that affirms and verifies a company's ID & credentials globally.


ISPF Membership
ComfyMat is also a member of the ISPF (India Sleep Products Federation) and the Andhra Chamber of Commerce. ISPF is a prestigious organization that is focused on addressing the issues and challenges faced in the Sleep Products Industry, which ComfyMat is also a proud member of.


Order My ComfyMat!

No matter the size of your bed, whether a double, a single, or two singles joined to make a double — we have an extremely comfortable sleeping experience in store for you!

Apart from standard sizing, ComfyMat also can be customized as per your specific wants and needs, and doing so is as simple as giving us a call on 040-39594009 or writing to us at support@incnut.com.

All you need to know is the size of your bed, and if you don’t have that information at hand, simply measure the length and width of your cot with an inch tape or ruler — that’s all the information we need to get your custom mattress ready and shipped in a jiffy!

For standard sizes, simply choose your size from the menu below and follow the on-screen instructions!

Assistance for placing an order is available at 040-39594009 (call us now!) or support@incnut.com. We are always more than happy to help!

And did we mention? Delivery, anywhere in India, is FREE.

Every ComfyMat mattress is built from scratch as per your specifications. We have no mattresses lying around and gathering dust in inventory.

Thus, please allow up to 3 working days for dispatch, and up to 14 working days for delivery depending on where in India you are — All orders are shipped from our Hyderabad plant.

Again, to answer all sizing information, queries and concerns, please get in touch at 040-39594009 or support@incnut.com

But there’s more.

Every ComfyMat order on or before February 28, 2017 will receive FREE pillows and mattress protector. Both products are waterproof, machine washable and retail for a combined price of 3000/-

The protector safeguards your ComfyMat from bacteria, sweat, and any water, oil and food spills. This helps to increase the life of your mattress.

Avail EMI!

There’s no need to break the bank for the privilege of a good night’s sleep. You also have the option on the checkout page to avail Easy Monthly Installments payment option upto 18 months.

We offer EMI on:

If your particular bank isn’t covered, contact us at 040-39594009 or support@incnut.com, and we’ll figure out a solution.

And with that, there’s only one thing left to say:

With ComfyMat, Staying At Hotels Will Never Be The Same!

And for that we apologize. But other than that, let us just refresh your memory as to why ComfyMat is the only mattress choice for you!

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Note: All Comfymat Orders Will Be Dispatched Within 7 Days From The Date Of Purchase

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How Durable Is ComfyMat?

ComfyMat’s American Licensed foam and manufacturing technology make it one of the most durable daily use products in the market. Structurally, all three types of high quality foam used in ComfyMat’s construction are significantly longer lasting than standard mass market mattresses - and should have no issues going beyond the 10 years warranty period - given no unconventional, harsh or abusive use.

Any Delivery Charges?

Avail FREE Delivery on your ComfyMat Mattress.

I Just Placed An Order. How Long Will The Mattress Take To Arrive?

Every mattress we make is custom-built as per your specifications. Therefore, please allow up to 3 working days for dispatch, and up to 14 working days for delivery depending on your location in India.

Where Is Your Shipping Location?

All mattresses are shipped directly from our plant in Hyderabad.

When Will I Receive My Refund?

Your full refund will be credited to your payment method in 7 working days. If you paid cash on delivery, our customer care will ask you for an account to which we will transfer your full payment, reflecting in 7 working days.

I Want A ComfyMat In A Custom Size. How Do I Do That?

Get in touch with us at 040-39594009, and we will be happy to help. You can also write us at support@incnut.com for all your questions.

I’m Not Sure About What Size I Need. Can You Help Me?

Yes, please get in touch with us at 040-39594009

Will I Get The Free Items?

We occasionally run special offers, if you place an order during that time, be assured you will get the items!

What If The Mattress Gets Damaged In Transit? Will I Be Liable?

Our logistics team takes every care to ensure that your ComfyMat reaches you in the condition it left the factory in - brand new. In the unlikely event that you notice any wear on the mattress, simply send it back at the time of delivery, or avail our 100 nights guarantee, and we’ll refund your money.

How Do I Return The Mattress? Who Will Bear The Cost?

Please initiate a return with our customer care at 040-39594009 or through support@incnut.com. We will then arrange for the mattress to be picked up - all costs will be borne by ComfyMat.


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