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About us

My name is Abhishek Jha. And I am the CEO of ComfyMat India. Well, this is what I am now. But a couple of years ago, things were a little different.

A normal person with a normal job. Born and raised in a normal family. Nothing spectacular. Except that I began to find myself tired and lethargic every morning as I woke up. It happened gradually. I could say it was mostly because of work stress and the hectic schedules. I rarely could manage to go to bed and wake up on time. It slowly started showing up in my work performance and general health. Fortunately, before things got worse, I happened to meet a doctor friend of mine who advised me to change my lifestyle.

That was when I first understood how sleep is one of the most underestimated requirements of the human body. How we take it for granted. How despite feeling fatigued and drained all day, we still don’t make efforts to get good sleep.

I started researching more on sleep and the effects its deficiency can bring. The more I studied the subject, the more I saw people who were similar to me. I studied various journals. Did a lot of research online. Talked to various sleep experts. The subject really intrigued me. Probably because it had a lot to do with me and the imbalance I had faced. And also with people from the families I saw all around me. Stuck in the rut of corporate ambition, people were even ready to sacrifice their sleep for the sake of money and reputation. And that was very sad.

That was when I also started to research more about mattresses, the basics of their production and what goes into their making. I wanted to know about the mattresses in India that had the ideal components for best sleep. Mattress companies that actually understood the sleep-deprived state of us Indians, and not just the potential market that could fetch them huge profits. And what did I find?

Not many.

I mean, can you believe that? There were not even a handful of mattress brands in India that catered to the actual need of the people – to give them the best sleep. That is all one needs! And the few that actually did speak of sleep, the prices were sky-high. I saw most other mattress companies talk about everything else apart from sleep. Some brands said they specialize in ortho and that they can help treat back pain; some others claimed their mattresses have multiple layers of foam and can make you feel like you are floating in the air.

Very few spoke about better sleep, if at all. And that baffled me. In fact, I went ahead and purchased four mattresses (every 3 months) from four top companies and used each for 3 months. Initially, each felt a little different, but within 3 months, they all started feeling the same – and that was uncomfortable.

That was when I understood how illiterate we were when it came to sleep and sleep products. And how most of the mattress companies take advantage of that. Moderate quality, but exorbitant prices - surprisingly, that is what we all fall for.

I thought, if it was getting hard for me to find a mattress in the market that specialized in better sleep, then why not I make one? And hence, ComfyMat was born – from the hunger of a dissatisfied customer.

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